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Looking for domain names for your PBN or in order to sell links and sponsored pages ?

We offer SEO domains that have neither been spammed nor parked or redirected during a long period. All have good metrics and are still indexed in Google

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Scrapping the web in order to find available domains has been done millions of times.

Valuable domain names have been registered for long and those which expire are registered at once. Available domains are available for a reason.

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While our competitors try to get the most out of any domain name with auctions and make offer sales, our only goal is to have more satisfied customers everyday.
Our domain names are sold at fixed and cheap prices, with no need of negociating or entering into a uncertain auction.

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If you've already purchased domain names, you've certainly noticed that it is an industry full of fake bidders, problematic registrars, flawy support... On the contrary, our goal is that you have a perfect experience. Good prices, no hassle, no bad surprises.

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Aged domain names

Analyzing large lists of expired domains and investing in expensive tools and subscriptions make little sense if you're looking only for a certain type of domains and if you don't know well the required techniques. For about $50, you can get from us aged domain names with incoming quality links, which are well adapted for selling links or sponsored pages.

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85% of our SEO domains on sale have a Domain Authority (MOZ) over 15, and the average is over 10


80% of our domain names are sold at €50 or less (ask for your coupon code). There are NO auctions: first-come first-served


Active customers


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David Chelly

NddCamp co-founder and domain name investor, David imagined Domstocks to automate the sales process of Domain names he has personally selected

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Laurence Chapelain

Laurence pre-selects from huge lists of Domain names to be offered for Snap or Pre-release auctions on all platforms. With her tools and her lynx eye, she spots gems and eliminates ill domain names (Spam, Brands issues, etc.)

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Marc-Olivier Bernard

Developer of the website from scratch and back-end manager, front-end and infrastructure, Marc-Olivier develops software components for all the aspects of media publishing, starting with Domain names